Sunday, December 30, 2007

real truth about it is

watched this french movie starring Romain Duris the other day. translated as "the beat that my heart skipped" it's a beautiful film about a young man named Tom torn between his life as a shady business man and his heart's calling to play the piano. beautiful beautiful acting. poignant, emotional, subtle. better than those ridic hollywood blockbusters, all flash, no substance.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

happiness and cheer

it's christmas! and what a beautiful christmas day it was. blue skies, sun, family, food. can it get any better?

random: i believe in dreams. yes i do. 100%

watch: this movie will definitely move you. perfect for the christmas season! a film par excellence.

à l'écoute: the kills . monkey 23

Sunday, December 23, 2007

c'est l.a. vie

this past weekend i went to the city of les angessssss to visit reidster for a couple days just for a change of scene. it's def a different vibe up there compared to SD. more rush more run more flash more glam. hey, it's LA, can you expect anything else??

eat: went to dolce. good italian food. better music!! brazilian bbq at the farmer's market. gooddd
shop: got to see what wasteland and melrose was all about. niceee
go: boulevard3 for amanda's birthday. whoa nice club

à l'écoute: calvin harris . i created disco

Friday, December 21, 2007

but i want to dance

welcome welcome. i thought it would be nice to start something. something about anything and everything according to moi. i've been intending to make a blog for a while now, and with winter break and time on my side, it's now or never. with the end of the year afoot, it's time to relive and let live. with brazil and france, it's definitely time to relive. with prospects to come, let live. let live.

à l'écoute: cazals . to cut a long story short